The Black Face Mask - 3 Pack




We're in this fight together!


Help us make face masks for those in need.


For every one sold we're donating another one.


As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, we’ve shifted our manufacturing capacity from producing t-shirts to producing non-medical face masks.


By increasing quantities of non-medical face masks for civilians, we aim to help ensure that there are enough medical-grade N95 masks available to the healthcare and essential workers who need them most.


Our goal is to donate 100K face masks to our communities in Mexico.





Our adjustable face masks are made of two protective layers:


The interior layer is made of durable water repellent woven polyester and the outer layer is made of a high quality cotton blend.



Size Recommendations:


Small - Women and children

Medium - Men




*This product is not medical-grade N95

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