The Second Life Project is a sustainability program to give your t-shirts a second life.

For each t-shirt you donate, you are gifted $50 MXN to use for the purchase of another.


You can donate your t-shirts at any of our stores!

We have boxes in all of our stores for you to deposit the t-shirts you want to donate.

For now we only take t-shirts, but they can be any brand, ripped, damaged, short-sleeved, long-sleeved, or any other type of t-shirt!






What is The Second Life Project?

It's a sustainability initiative where we recycle your t-shirts to give them a second life ♻️. for each one you donate, you are gifted $50 MXN so you can buy a new one at any of our stores.

What kind of t-shirts can I donate?

We accept practically any type of t-shirt, it does not matter if it is worn or a little torn, we will recycle it anyway 😊. The only thing we can't recycle is sportswear - spandex is very difficult to break up.

Do they have to be Acapella?

No. They can be of any brand. From the one they gave you at school and you never wore, to the Dolce & Gabanna that you still keep in its box. We don't discriminate.

Can I donate jeans, sweatshirts or bras (has already happened to us 🙈)?

At the moment only t-shirts.

How many can I donate?

As many as you like! The more the merrier. Each t-shirt can be used as a credit of $50 MXN to buy a new t-shirt.

So if I donate 100 t-shirts I'm given a $5,000 pesos discount?

Yes, but only if you exchange your 100 old t-shirts for 100 new ones.

The idea is to close the cycle so as not to harm the planet - for every new t-shirt, you leave an old one.

For example. If you donate 1 t-shirt and buy 1 new one, your discount is $50 pesos; If you donate 5 t-shirts and buy 5 new ones, your discount is $250 pesos; If you donate 100 t-shirts and buy 1 new one, your discount is $50 pesos; If you donate 100 t-shirts and buy 100 new ones, your discount is $5,000 pesos.

Can you give me more discount if the tees are Acapella?

No, but you clearly have good style! 😉

Where can I donate my t-shirts?

At any of our stores! Find our locations here.

Until when can I donate?

You can always donate! Till' the end of time! Bring all the t-shirts that you accumulate, we'll receive them and exchange them for new ones :)

What happens to each t-shirt that I decide to donate?

Step 1 - We receive your old t-shirts.

Step 2 - We break them down at the fiber level.

Step 3 - We add recycled PET and turn the fiber into thread.

Step 4 - With the recycled thread we create fabric.

Step 5 - A 100% recycled t-shirt is born.

What benefit does Acapella get?

We help close the cycle of the textile industry and contribute to the environment. We do not get any financial benefit as Acapella covers the costs of the recycling process.

Doesn't it cost you too much money to recycle so many t-shirts?

Yes, but we love our beautiful planet too much.